Laura Clement - Through The Keyhole, 1 to 19 June, 2017 

A Look at Landscape 3 -  6 to 30 April

Fred Williams, Margarita Georgiadis, Albert Tucker, Sara Sernack, James de Vere, Gabrielle Jones, Jane Canfield,  Josh Bullen, Joe Wilson among others

A Look at Landscape 2 -

Jane Canfield, Margarita Georgiadis, Corinne Loxton

A Look at Landscape 1 -

  Judi Moss and Dust Lancaster

 Faye Wilson - A Life On The Line,

a survey of Illustatrion, including the Weiss Art designs 19 to 29 May 

Previous Exhibitions

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Peter Cameron, Lake Mungo -27 Oct to 21 November, 2016

Ruth le Cheminant, An Essence of Landscape -

July 30 to August 15, 2016

Jane Canfield, Victa's    Paddock -8 to 31 September, 2016

Victoriana - A Journey In Photgoraphy - by Stephen Thompson,  December 2016

 Mike Wall -  Cloud Watching On Country Roads, an associated Head On Photo Festival exhibition  May 2017