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April White & Steve Starr

Artists’ Statement -

Artists, April White and Steve Starr embark on an abstract exploration of the natural and urban landscape. During the 2020 lockdown, in the absence of human presence, the natural world moved to fill the void created in our landscape. White and Starr seek to understand and twist out of shape the
connection and often lack of connection, between the human and the natural world.

April White and Steve Starr connect with the fundamental truths, both personal and collective that we are often blind to, but are in plain sight in the natural world around us. While their practices and mediums are disparate and varied, this narrative thread welds these artists together as they interpret and represent the world around us in the systematic chaos of life.


April White began her artistic journey while growing up in London, Ontario, Canada. After completing formal studies in Fine Art, specialising in drawing, at York University in Toronto, she worked as a graphic designer for a few years while planning to pursue her dream of a life of art and travel. The following ten years were spent backpacking across the world, experiencing different cultures, exploring new landscapes and recording her observations with pencils and paint. Travels led to the west and east coasts of Canada, parts of Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. After over five years of full-time studio work, April’s art is now being recognised with recent art awards in Australia and in collections across Australia and Canada. Now April’s time is split between her studio in Sydney, Australia, her original Ontario home and new, inspiring destinations around the globe.


Steve Starr’s primary focus is on digital collage, photography and painting and his practice now extends to sculptural installations. In addition to his art practice, Steve (aka Thompson) is a published author, curator and heritage specialist with over 20 years of experience in the arts and cultural sector. Steve has published many books, essays and web exhibitions on Australian art, photography and social history. Steve was educated at East Sydney Technical College, The University Sydney, University of the Arts London and UNSW: Art & Design and lives in Elizabeth Bay NSW.

Starr’s work is inspired by his time living at Katoomba surrounded by the vast Blue Mountains National Park, where one can sense the natural and complex systems of life operating all around us. Systems that have been evolving and growing since the beginning of life on this planet. The Covid-19 lockdown has shown how these systems are vibrant and opportunistic, either through the virus that identified a ready and vulnerable host and the natural environment responding quickly to the sudden withdrawal
of the human presence.

Starr’s series of over-painted prints are sensual, esoteric and vibrant.


The Winter Joint Show

exhibition opening drinks with the Artists: Saturday 19 June 2 to 4pm

Exhibition on view: 11 June to 5 July 2021

#1 of 5 SOLD

#1 of 5 SOLD