Committed to Clay

Curated by

Linda Seiffert and Rebecca Verpoorten-Laws

Exhibition Synopsis:

This exhibition features a group of artists and educators who trained &/or taught in Ceramics at the National Art School between 1996-2000, many of whom are still currently lecturing at NAS.

In the current climate of the education system, we are witnessing the consistent marginalization of ceramics as a fine arts subject and a push to limit the study of ceramics to the field of design. The push is purely an economic statement, which attempts to rationalize ceramics education by focusing on the commercial and consumerist market, removing all potential for artistic expression, self exploration, skills development, technical advancement and cultural growth and development.

This show aims to celebrate and demonstrate the featured artists’ continuing ceramics practices, and the timeless human relationship they have with clay. Lives that are an enduring testimony to a commitment to clay, the ceramic process and excellence in ceramics education.

Working with clay and the creative process helps us to understand ourselves as humans, as makers and the world we navigate; beyond consumerism, trend, market demand, fame, fortune, sensationalism and the public eye. Clay is a material which sustains the artist alone on all levels, when we are making with integrity from the heart.

The show acknowledges the importance of the artists relationship with the material, and their willing, needing, and wanting to make, even when no one is looking. In essence this collection of works are a glimpse of a rare intimacy, between the maker, the medium and the craft. To abandon the noise of the art world, and its currently pervading narratives of cynicism and sensationalism, to settle into the spirit of a sincere desire to express, with the voice of clay, through pure exploration and the alchemical process.

As ceramicists, we don’t operate in a vacuum, rather we are makers on the continuum of time, of makers committed to clay; a continuum of traditions, knowledge, skills and story telling handed down through the ages of humanity - The historical lineage we are proud to be a part of – we are not the first and will not be the last.

Through a love for the medium, clay creates community. Lifelong friendships and mentoring relationships are born and bonds created, through a shared respect, understanding and passion for the unique qualities of the material and the process. And not least the passing on of real and valuable knowledge and skills.



Committed to Clay - A ceramics exhibition curated by Rebecca Verpoorten-Laws and Linda Seiffert, plus introducing NAS painting graduate

Lilianne Ivins  

   14 December to 8 January    

opening drinks with the artists:

Saturday 16 December 2/4pm


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