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Corinne Loxton

Lagoon Landscapes - 9 to 26 November

Artist’s Statement:

The paintings in this exhibition have been inspired by many hours spent at Glenbrook Lagoon and a number of sojourns to Huskisson.

Lagoons are mystical places of tranquillity and transition. Shifting sands, soft muddy banks, spiky reeds and fossicking water birds. They are home to an abundance of creatures, often small and inconspicuous, yet essential to the intricate web of life. The sweep of water and sky invite us to drift and float, while the trees ground us, both connecting us to the steady pulse of our own heart and the rhythm of our breath.

As I contemplate the enormous trees on the shoreline of the Glenbrook Lagoon the words of the African American spiritual come to mind, ‘like a tree planted by the rivers, I shall not be moved…’ They stand like guardians of the lagoon, timeless sentinels protecting a precious oasis.

I imagine the lagoon through time: once the domain of the Darug and Gundungarra people for bathing, fishing and drinking, then a staging post for colonialists crossing the Blue Mountains and later a vital water source for cooling the steam trains travelling the Zig Zag Railway.

The lagoon settles my wandering spirit, providing a place of rest and repose. I love to draw here, searching out the forms and textures, allowing my charcoal to explore, meandering freely across the paper.

Whilst each of the works in the exhibition appear naturalistic, they nevertheless reflect my fascination with mark making and the fragile line between abstraction and representation. Passages of each image, if taken from the whole, read as abstract forms and brushstrokes. The marks resonate with the phenomena of nature – the fluidity of water, the scratchiness of bark and the random structure and texture of foliage.

In contrast to the stillness and constancy of Glenbrook Lagoon, Huskisson Lagoon, on the shore of Jervis Bay, is an ever-changing tidal estuary. The shifting sand banks, shimmering reflections and vast skies captivate my imagination, urging me to paint directly from nature. Nature’s processes of transformation and renewal seem to embody the complex narratives of life, the balance and paradox of pain and pleasure, love and loss.

November 2018



  Corinne Loxton -

Lagoon Landscapes

   9 to 26 November  

opening drinks with the artist:

Saturday, 10 November 2/4pm




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