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David McKenzie

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David McKenzie

Views - Macro/Micro

April 2020

Rex-Livingston Upstairs showcases the work of David McKenzie from 17 April to 11 May. The exhibition ‘Views – Macro/Micro’ features both semi abstract and representational works based on the geography specific to the Blue Mountains. McKenzie, a longtime resident of the upper mountains, interprets both majestic vistas and close up details of the bush and its flora and fauna. The works pictured alongside show the range of his artistic practice and his intense visual exploration - portraying a deep understanding of organic structures and scenic vistas. His use of translucent ink with acrylic paint distinguishes his technique from many other artists. The works are often intensely 3 – dimensional, especially in the cellular like organic abstractions, the forms sliding and cementing themselves to the picture plain, bouncing from foreground to background. Views – Macro/Micro opens on Saturday 18 April from 2/4pm. I hope you can join us for drinks and canapés and help celebrate the works of David McKenzie and his Blue Mountains inspiration into artwork.

David McKenzie – artist statement:

“My work is predominantly inspired by nature and a life spent exploring the Blue Mountains in all it’s amazing moments, both in summer and in the depths of winter. Walking the tracks, observations from lookouts, reinterpretations of what I see and absorb is the basis for my artwork. It’s an organic process for me - constantly evolving and rethinking my work, moving from a stylized depiction of a graceful bonsai to exploring the tiny orchids on rock faces and in crevices. As a child, I escaped into the bush when possible… consumed by the wilderness on countless camping trips, mesmerized by out crops of moss growing on boulders, lichen on trees, bower birds building their nests.

 I connect with the earth, the land and the place. My paintings are investigations in what many fails to see.”