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Jan Melville and Tracy Ponich

Ethereal is an exhibition of photographer Tracy Ponich and printmaker-assemblage artist Jan Melville.

Whilst diverging in style and media, ethereality is inherent in both artists’ works. For Tracy it is the intangible atmospheric condition: the play of light through trees, a fleeting photographic opportunity in mist, or rain. Tracy’s works are moody landscapes and streetscapes: captured moments in the elements, soon changed into something else.

By contrast Jan brings elements of the outside world inside her studio, either in reference, or actual object. Jan creates handmade prints that she combines with materials for collage and assemblage. The end result is unique, directly from the artist’s imagination. Jan’s otherworldly entities emerge with their own mythology.

2 – 13 November 2017
Opening Saturday 4 November, 2-4pm

Rex-Livingston Art + Objects
182-184 Katoomba Street
Katoomba NSW 2780
10am-5pm (everyday)

Jan Melville and Tracy Ponich -

Ethereal​​,  2 to 13 November 2017   

opening drinks with the artists:

Saturday 4 November 2/4pm

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