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Isaac Shelley - Sacred Graffiti - 

​The Psycalligraffiti Paintings

16  to 27 November 2017   

opening drinks with the artist:

Saturday 18 November 2/4pm




.Sacred Graffiti’

.The PsyCalliGraffiti-Paintings of

.Isaac Shelley.


.I created these individual Paintings, often over multiple years of planning and effort, because I find Painting - like Music – to be a Universal Language, therefor suited to the new Globalised World, and available for Anyone to Hear – regardless of GeoPolitics or Culture.

And I want Them to Hear.   

I have Painted & Drawn since I could hold a Pencil, I feel it is my first-language… My intimately-personal Painting-technique comes from a myriad of Inspirations:

-        Travelling (Andalusía, al-Maghreb/Morocco, West/Central-Europe, Argentina & Greece, so far…);

-        ReSearching the Arts & History of the World’s various Cultures; esp. CentralAsia, India, Caucasus, NorthAfrica, MidEast & many small “autonomous” Republics inside Russia: Daghestan, Kalmykia, etc.

-        SkateBoarding in all it’s Forms & the Fun-Creativity of my SkateFamily.

I truly consider Skateboarding to be as therapeutic as TaiChi for modern Youth: if You fall, it is YOUR fault, if You succeed, it is by YOUR Effort… 

-        Personal Relationships with Family & Friends who I love dearly.

-        Calligraphy & Graffiti: Islamic-Calligraphy (esp. Nastal’īq script), Sino-Japanese Calligraphy, & many international Graffiti/Street Artists.

-        All Architectural-forms, esp. Andalusian Islamo-Judaic GoldenAge, Timürid/CentralAsian, Mughal Indian, and modern gritty Metropolises.

-        The natural SacredGeometry & DivineLaws inherent in Nature, and the resulting Patterns & Forms nature Paints using them, & that these patterns are inherent in all Nature, from a wet Canvas to Australia’s Coastline, Fractals...

These in particular inspire Me artistically.

My Sketches especially are driven by a deep Interest in the MultiCultural, Cosmopolitian Societies of the World: These lately are often portrayed as “impure” (a dangerous precedent); yet History proves over & over that these Complex-Societies were far better able to deal with any threats to their collective safety, by having many more Traditions of Knowledge, Wisdom & Technologies with which to weather the natural storms of Life…

My Paintings aim to show there is no “Other”, no boundaries between LivingBeings… I aim to make them Beautiful only in the Way an old wiseWoMan’s wrinkled-Face is beautiful… or a ruined Palace, the windswept dry Taklāmakán sighing…  Having grown-up in the BlueMountains, I have a respect for Nature as the Ultimate-Artíste who none can better…These azure-Blue Mountains, verdant SongBirds calling - Through clean WaterFalling to nestle in rainbowed Gorges…

There are whispers of Wisdom in these purpled-peach Cliffs…Benevolent BirdSongs, spreading Nature’s news downriver…I view the Creation of my PsycalliGraffiti paintings as simply Me learning how best to harness Nature’s own incredible forces:  to create works that are between blossom & decay, between growth & re-growth - to show death as not the End of Life but simply one Cog inside Life’s Cycle…There is noThing to fear from the Wilderness.

We always Return Home.

Like the iceberg-tips of RainForest-Trees: These Paintings are just the breakingWaves above a deep mysterious Sea of which I can only dive-in for mere Moments…These few Canvasses, these few vulnerable Paper-Memories, These Songs on SkateBoard & Sculptures in Word - These are my only material Gift I can give back to the World This World which gifted Me each noble Friend & Foe.

For It is not our single Self that is Alive: It is the energy we pass from Body to Body, Soul to Soul. It is the emotions inside our Songs -
and the Truths inside our Myths…


 Isaac Shelley, 2017.


Isaac spends his Life between living with his lovely Wife in Newtown Sydney, And painting at his Art-Studio at his Family-Home in Glenbrook.
He has had multiple Solo & Group Exhibitions, Magazine-Interviews & Mural-Comissions since his first Solo Exhibition at age 16 in 2006,
and currently is most looking forward to building his Skateboard Company ‘.thanKs’. Isaac is welcoming the Future but rather enjoying the Present…

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