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Judi Moss and Jane Canfield.

These two artists are well known in the mountains and both have very distinct styles.

Moss works with oil and wax and reduces her imagery to soft, opaque interpretations of mountain forms, harnessing the delicate hues of the Blue Mountains, in minimalist imagery and sporadic detail.

"These recent oil & wax paintings reflect a deep communing with my habitat here in the Blue Mountains.

As an artist I count myself lucky to be living in this part of the world…waking to the ever-changing mood of the day, often to tendrils of mist floating in my backyard…the awesome and mysterious Jameson Valley.

I have attempted to make tangible the fragile but potent air and light…to express what I see and feel in a visceral sense.

For me they are a form of meditation."

Canfield explores the mountain environs from Lidsdale and beyond. Often now semi abstract, her palette is instantly recognizable with her unique chalky tones. Often working road side, en plein air, her gouaches and studies are looser, energetic and often highlighted by charcoal line work.

The exhibition is viewing from 15 March to 8 April 2019. The opening takes places on Saturday 16 March 2/4pm.





 Jane Canfield & Judi Moss 

'new works'

   15 March to 8 April 2019  

opening drinks with the artists:

Saturday 16 March 2 to 4pm