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John Windus

Nature and Imagination

"From a very early age I've been fascinated with how connecting with nature can invigorate the spirit, transform moods and can transport us to a realm of wonder; a place where we can be at peace with ourselves and our environment. It also made me realize how conducive it can be to the discovery of the mystical and spiritual aspects of our lives.

As an artist, I had to come to the conclusion, that it was my obligation to visualize this feeling and communicate it to others. To facilitate that, I had to simplify certain aspects in my paintings to emphasize the moods I wanted to create. I found an impressionist style the best way to bring this feeling about. In Physics of course, we find the fact that everything is made up of elementary particles, which also has had an influence on my painting style choice.

Although most of my work is based on landscapes and nature in general, I would not automatically categorize them as typical landscape paintings, as you will find introduced in most of them, some narrative, symbolism and "lyrical" surprises....

I see my work basically like visual stories and comments, hence I've written their titles on them as well, which also will help to explore and create the opportunity to let the imagination wander even a little further."

November 2018

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  John Windus -

Nature & Imagination

   30 November to 10 December 

opening drinks with the artist:

Sunday, 2 December 4/6pm

Officially opened by Robert Reid OAM