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Mike Wall - Cloud Watching on Country Roads - an associated Head On Photo Festival exhibition.

Opening drinks: Saturday 13 May 2/4pm with Artist talk at 3pm 

On view 4th to 15 May 2017 - in our Katoomba St Project space gallery

SOLD # 1, 2 of 10

SOLD # 1 of 10

SOLD # 1 of 10

SOLD # 1 of 10

SOLD # 1, 2 of 10

Head On Photo Festival is Australia’s premier photography event and one of the world’s leading photography festivals. The festival boasts a bustling satellite program of talks, hands-on workshops and exhibitions. Photographers submitted works covering every known field of photography, from photojournalism to fine art to reportage to commercial.

Now in its eighth year, Head On Photo Festival has evolved from 70 to 180 events throughout its program, including a variety of innovative workshops run by international professionals and critically acclaimed mentors. A range of community events aimed at everyone from the enthusiasts to the devout collectors, making this a truly non-discriminatory all-inclusive Festival of the arts.”

Mike Wall - Cloud Watching On Country Roads - An associated Head On Photo Festival Exhibition.

When you first see the photography that makes up the exhibit Cloud Watching on Country Roads you could be fooled into thinking that photographer, Mike Wall was obsessed with clouds or storm chasing.

Nothing could be further from the truth, Mike wasn’t one of those kids who searched for familiar shapes in the clouds; Mike is simply a photographer who likes to immerse himself in his environment.

Early on when he was into live music he photographed bands. When he lived in the city his photography had a distinctly urban edge and his travels abroad saw him capture images of cultural diversity. So, it is no wonder, now that Mike lives in the Blue Mountains his latest images capture the grandeur and beauty of tumultuous skies juxtaposed with open expanse of land.

Mike’s creations are as much about the way photography can transform the landscape and the clouds as they are about the natural light and depth of the clouds themselves.

“I believe in photography as a memory aid, and it’s natural for the brain to revise memory; so to me it’s also natural then to enhance your photos and express your images in black and white,” Mike says.

Wanting to capture as much as possible of the scenes he comes across, Mike creates most of his works as vistas. He takes multiple images and stitches them together to create a vast panorama.

The starting point for any of Mike’s creations is an interesting combination of clouds and light. He finds most of these great skies as he drives the country roads on his way out to Kandos/Rylstone where he does some occasional DJing for KRR fm.

“As I drive the country roads, listening to music I often find myself cloud watching, and have taken to stopping when the sky and mood are right. My camera is always on hand to capture the play of light and the emotions the clouds bring to the scene” Mike explains.

Mike may not have to hike long distances with masses of equipment but his passion is for landscape photography. The unique style of work Mike has come to create, begins with the influence and inspiration of Ansel Adams.

Exhibition on View: Cloud Watching on Country Roads

4 May -15 May: at Rex Livingston Projects: 182-184 Katoomba Street, Katoomba

Exhibition opening: Saturday May 13, 2/4pm

+ Artists Talk: Saturday May 13, 3pm.

SOLD # 1, 2 of 10