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 Rachel Carroll -

'Bucolic' - Sofala, Orange & the Southern Highlands

   1 to 11 March 2019  

opening drinks with the artist:

Friday 1 March 6 to 8pm  + wine tasting by

De Iuliis, Hunter Valley



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Rachel Carroll

'Bucolic' - Sofala, Orange & the Southern Highlands

This series began in Sofala more than a year ago. Each year is a new location and a new body of work and this year I chose to explore regions where artists such as Brett Whitley, Fred Williams and Russell Drysdale had previously walked . I had their artworks in my mind and I wanted to find the same locations, and sit and paint the same vistas.

Artists always inspire each other and I find the work by other artists past and present captivating. Like a geologist looking for a particular rock, I often search for just one tree that I saw in a painting in a gallery or a book.

I am paying homage to a history of artists that have painted in these regions and to artists that still paint in these regions today.