Rachel Carroll,

Oxygen Series - The Daintree

As an environmental Artist, each year I try to explore and understand a new location, one that often celebrates local and global environmentally significant areas. Most recently I have journeyed to the Daintree and it has been my focus since 2018. This body of work celebrates the power of the rain forest. This rain forest is the oldest in the world and like all rain forests it controls our climate. It is our cooling device and a great solution for any future concerns for the planet warming. 

I went to the Daintree rain forest to observe closely how the area is surviving. I was able to explore the forest canopies above and below the tree line. I wanted this series to not only reflect my journey through the worlds oldest rain forest, but the journey I take as an artist to produce a body of work over a 6-8 month period. Often the location is explored from realism to abstraction but always with an expressionistic focus.

During this time, I also connected with the charity Rain Forest Rescue. The sale of one artwork will go toward helping them secure more land in Qld. They buy back land from farmers and then spend 3-5 years returning the land to its original rain forest state. The expansion of forest means a safe passage for the endangered cassowary is maintained. To date, Rain Forest Rescue have bought back 37 properties.


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 Rachel Carroll

'Oxygen Series - The Daintree'

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 18 July 2/4pm +

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Exhibition on view: 11 July to 3 August 2020