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Jude Rose / Artist statement

‘My latest body of work is the product of living in isolation in the mountains.

In the last 10 months I have spent many days in my studio in Leura and walking each morning  in the surrounding bush and subdued streets.

It has been a period of deep reflection and for this I am so grateful. 

I breathe in the fragrant air up here and that alone is inspiration but on top of that there are endless vast and luxurious gardens full of colour and form to wander through. 

I feel this was meant to be a sign to pause from my other life of Argentine tango and socialising and concentrate fully on my art.

I start with a vision in my mind’s eye then do rough sketches but never anything concrete as I love to “doodle” and allow the painting to develop by itself. 

I feel like a medium just recording this event. 

I generally work with memories of childhood, mixed with the contrast of geometric shapes of man-made objects and houses and the soft forms of trees and shrubs. 

I paint from dark to light adding texture with thin glazes, and work in oils on canvas, pencil on wood or linocut printmaking. My works on Birch wood resemble silk embroidery.

My huge garden has been a refuge in these troubling times and I have been doing more close-up work of the flowers I find, they are so intricate and delightful and never cease to amaze me.

I absorb the essence of life and recreate and interpret this in my studio, creating a sort of utopia in which to ramble'. 

de Rozario / Artist statement

Born 1963 in Rangoon Burma (Myanmar) his family escaped from the military Junta ruling in 1965. de Rozario is Anglo Burmese, the youngest of seven siblings. He completed one of the oldest trades, a Coppersmith in 1983 and was nominated for Apprentice of the year in Perth Western Australia.

In 1997 his love and passion for art was seeded during his 11 years career with the Art Gallery of NSW. During his employment with the Art Gallery, he was privileged to have worked with prominent  Australian and International artists.

His contemporary abstract sculptures embrace time; past, present and future.

His passion for the environment and social justice underpins his concept, whereby his sculptures create themselves and he, the artist making them, cements these works in history.

He studied Welding & Sculpture at the National Art School and has exhibited in group exhibitions at The Shop Gallery Glebe, UNSW Shalom College Sydney and Rex Livingston Art, Katoomba. He also was a  finalists in the Artentwine Sculpture Biennial, Tasmania 2018.



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Rose & Rozario - paintings & sculpture

​Jude Rose - de Rozario

Exhibition opening  - Saturday 2 April  2-4pm

Exhibition on view: 2 April to 2 May 2022