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It is a basic human right – the requirement of shelter – to access secure, affordable housing. This powerful and touching exhibition aims to raise awareness of the impact of the increasing insecurity and homelessness in our Blue Mountains community.

No-one in the exhibition with a lived experience of homelessness chose to be that way. Many have fled domestic violence or have been forced out from rental accommodation when the house was turned into an Airbnb. Many of the exhibitors know first-hand what it is like to be homeless – be it sleeping in a car, couch surfing or sleeping rough.

Open your eyes and hearts and glimpse the world through this tear in the fabric of our modern society. Well-known local artists including Wendy Tsai, Martin Roberts, and Rachael Szalay are lending their support to this important and moving exhibition.

Walanmarra artists and friends’ group, with the assistance of Belong Blue Mountains, has organised the exhibition and it will be opened by Suzie Van Opdorp and Aunty Jacinda Tobin.

SHELTER will open at Rex-Livingston Art + Objects, 182-184 Katoomba Street on Saturday, December 11 at 2pm and will run to December 24. The majority of the artworks are for sale. Your purchase will help raise money for a community member who requires assistance with a necessary appliance to assist with her medical condition.

An experience not to be missed !


Have you ever lost your job?

Have you ever been divorced?

Have you ever buried a partner?

Have you ever lost your children?

Have you ever not been able to pay your rent or mortgage?

Have you ever had your electricity or gas disconnected?

Have you ever not eaten for days?

Have you ever asked for charity?

Have you ever been abused?

Have you ever feared for your life?

Have you ever lived in your car?

Have you ever had to sell your car or had it taken away?

Have you ever had to sleep on the street or in a park?

Have you …


Aunty Kerrie Miller

Wines by Mount Eyre



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Mount Eyre Vineyards






A Group exhibition raising awareness about housing insecurity

and homelessness - in the Blue Mountains Community

opened by Suzie Van Opdorp and Aunty Jacinda Tobin

 Saturday 11 December  2-4pm

Exhibition on view: 11 to 24 December 2021