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 Steve Starr 


   exhibition on view - 15 May to 8 June 2020  

live streaming opening with the artist:

​Saturday 16 May @ 2pm on facebook and a limit of 10 visitors in the gallery at one time from 2/4pm


        Please click on the image for a full view of the art work

Steve Starr


The #homosapiens Exhibition pursues an interrogation of the human body as a ‘site’ of intimacy. Starr’s works revisit the Sexual Revolution of the 1970s, 80s and 90s that critiqued gender roles, gender politics and gender stereotyping. 

This interrogation is timely because the cultural and attitudinal backslide into deeply entrenched conservatism has occurred over the last two decades. This has manifested a ‘toxic gaze’ of poisonous judgment and criticism of people’s appearance and behaviour.

The series draws upon the Sexual Revolution, the LGBTQI Rights movement and the ‘pro-sex’ feminists of the early 1980s, their staunch anti-censorship/ freedom of choice ethos and their fearless and unashamed portrayal of the human body to question codes of representation and society mores.

The #homosapiens series is sensual, defiant and sexually provocative. We all interact with lovers and friends on various personal and intimate levels. The models who inspired these works during photoshoots between the early 1980s and 2000’s' are Starr’s long-time friends. #homosapiens captures their strength, defiance and powerfully provocative male & feminine sexuality.

Steve Starr’s primary focus is on digital collage, photography and painting and his practice now extends to sculptural installations.

In addition to his art practice, Steve is a published author, curator and heritage specialist with over 20 years experience in the arts and cultural sector.

Steve has published many books, essays and web exhibitions on Australian art, photography and social history.
Steve was educated at East Sydney Technical College, The University of Sydney, University of the Arts London and UNSW: Art & Design.

He currently lives in Elizabeth Bay NSW.